Teen Center


Hours of Operation

Monday -Thursday: 3-7pm

Wednesdays: 2-7pm

Friday & Saturday: Varies

Closed Sundays/Holidays/

AFGSC Family Days

Teen Center

333 Houx St.

Whiteman AFB, MO



The Teen Center can be reached at: 687-5586


Whiteman Teen Programs offers state-of-the-art electronic games and sound equipment to support recreational activities, along with a college corner and computers for the more academic partcipant. A full-time youth development professional works with teens to plan trips, community service projects, special activities such as dances and lock-ins and outdoor adventures. The teen program offers 30+ hours of safe, supervised programming in a "teen-friendly" environment. Whether teens just want to hang out-- or they want to get serious about getting a job or getting ready for college-- the resources are available at the teen program.


The Youth Employment Skills (YES) Program: An on-base volunteer program for high school students. This program, underwritten by the Air Force Aid Society (AFAS), is a joint effort between AFAS and Airman & Family Services Flight to offer high school students an opportunity to gain valuable work skills, "bank" dollar credits toward their post-secondary education, and have a positive impact on their base community. YES allows high school students to "bank" $4 in grant funding for every hour volunteered in an on-base function. Students may accumulate as many as 250 hours over all 4 years of high school combined, for a potential maximum of $1000 toward their future vocational-technical or academic endeavors. In addition, the base is credited with $2 for every volunteer hour.