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Hours of Operation:

M-F: 6:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Closed: Weekends, Holidays & Family Days


305 Gray Lane

Whiteman AFB, MO

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(660) 687-5590 / 5593

To get started, visit: MilitaryChildCare.com

Family Child Care (FCC)

Licensed FCC is the care provided in base housing for one or more children who are not their own for more than 10 child care hours per week on a regular basis. Licensed providers can care for no more than six children in the home, including the family care provider's own children under eight years of age. The FCC program provides care for children in a home setting. Training is provided in child development, age-appropriate activities, health and safety of children, and child abuse prevention and reporting. A resource center is available for providers to check out equipment and developmentally appropriate toys to enhance the quality of care they provide. FCC providers are recruited to care for children with special needs including asthma, allergies, cerebral palsy, physical impairments, etc. The program accepts providers with chronic health problems.


Home environments are safe and nurturing Hourly, part-day, full-day, shift care & weekend care Mixed age groups Individualized attention Small group setting

Provider Information

You can qualify to become a provider by completing an application form and participating in FCC Orientation Training. Licensed providers receive training in child guidance and development, planning age appropriate activities, recognizing child abuse and neglect, proper safety and health practices in their home, nutrition and other related topics. FCC providers receive CPR and First Aid certificates and must successfully pass required home inspections and background screening. Off Base Provider Info: If you live off-base and are the spouse of an active duty military member or retiree, you can become an affiliated provider with the Air Force. To be affiliated in the state of Missouri, you will not be allowed to care for more than 4 children other than your own. You must meet the same Air Force requirements as on-base providers and you will receive the same benefits: free training, subsidy, and the use of the resource center. Base Residents: Providing quality child care for our military families is an important concern in the AF. To ensure the best care possible, the AF has updated guidelines requiring anyone providing in-home care for 10 child care hours or more a week be licensed. If you are currently unlicensed and providing care, you cease and apply for a family child care license. Contact the FCC office for the next available orientation class.


Parents wishing to enroll children who are 6 weeks to 12 years old in the FCC program can obtain the names of licensed and affiliated providers by contacting the FCC office. A current list is also available at the CDC, Youth Center, Airman and Family Readiness Center, Lodging Office and Family Housing Office. Parents are responsible for contacting each provider to find out which one best suits their child care needs. Prior to starting care in an FCC home, parents must complete all registration forms with their provider of choice. Parents of children under the age of 3 who need care 35 or more hours per week are entitled to apply for subsidized fees. Parents must schedule a time with the FCC Coordinator to have their fees evaluated, and must supply current LES and/or pay statements for both sponsor and spouse. Parents need to supply a current shot record and 2 emergency contacts within a 30 minute drive along with the forms listed below to their provider of choice. This information is also required for EDC, HCC and RHC programs. All FCC homes are required to serve nutritious meals and snacks to children in care. The FCC provider's weekly menus must be approved regularly. This program provides reimbursement to the FCC provider for those meals and snacks served.

Resources & Referral

Referral: Referral lists are available at the FCC office, CDC, Youth Center, FSC and through first sergeants and commanders. A library on popular topics is available for parents at the FCC office lobby. Parenting info is provided in each FCC home. Resources: Referral resources for area off-base child care are available. If you are unable to find child care on-base, please visit https://usa.childcareaware.org/ or https://www.nafcc.org/ for assistance or contact the FCC office at (660) 687-5590.

Expanded Community Care

The following programs fall under the Extended Duty Care (EDC) program. All reservations for any of the four Expanded Community Care (ECC) programs listed below must be made through the FCC Chief. Extended Duty Care (EDC): Do you occasionally need more child care because of duty requirements than your current child care arrangements provide? Do you occasionally work weekends or evenings beyond your 50-hour child care week? EDC is short-term, temporary care designed for parents who are required to work mission-related duty beyond their standard work week. This care augments standard full time care arrangements at the CDC, school-age program and FCC homes. Available to active duty, guard, reserve and DoD civilians Parents enroll and make reservations through the FCC program Extended Duty Care is free Home Community Care (HCC): This care is offered to Guard and Reserve parents who are single, dual Guard/Reserve, or whose spouse is working during primary UTA weekends. If space is available, HCC may be used for SUTA and two-week annual duty. Returning Home Care (RHC): This care is 16 hours of free child care for each child 12 years old and younger who have a military parent returning home from a 30 day or longer deployment. An application and a copy of orders must be submitted to the FCC office prior to participation. Supplemental Child Care (SCC): This care is intended for 1st response members who regularly work extended (12 hours+) shifts. SCC shall not be a substitute for regular child care arrangements or be the sole child care arrangements. Parents using the program must utilize their regular child care thereby using SCC as a supplement. Special Programs Child Care: The AF Aid Society pays for 20 hrs of care per child for those in the rank of SSgt and below when arriving and departing from a base. Child care is only authorized in licensed or affiliated FCC homes. Certificates are issued by the Airman & Family Readiness Center (AFRC) staff and are good for child care within 30 days of PCS. Child Care Volunteers: Free child care is authorized during the time individuals volunteer for FCC programs. The FCC staff issues a certificate for child care at a licensed/affiliated FCC home.